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LONCHA offers custom-designed, walk-in closet solutions that combine functionality and beauty available in a variety of colors, textures, and materials. Walk-in closets are increasingly being preferred for larger apartments and home. They help to keep the dressing area separate from the main bedroom, provide more storage and are either closed off by a modular sliding partition or lined with wood to give the feel of a traditional wardrobe. Closet elements are available as wall-mounted units or affixed to a panel. Drawers can be wall-mounted or on wheels. These unique closets are designed to perfectly meet your needs while also reflecting your personality. You can choose from a vast array of uniquely modular additions for your new LONCHA closet, as well as request custom-designed solutions that can accommodate any size space, ensuring that your closet will meet your exact needs. Smooth, frameless doors, available in opaque or clear glass, will complete your new closet, offering seamless integration with the rest of the room


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